So, what's new?
lighting & visuals


Sorry for my homepage not being very up to date, but it is mainly intended to give you a general idea of my way to design graphics and lighting...

Well, lighting and visuals are nice things to play with, but why not going back to university to get some more education? Starting in March of this year, I already finished one semester of computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and so far I really enjoy it to study again. I am looking forward to the next years of hard training, hopefully having a solid education for the future afterwards. Who knows, maybe one day I will find myself coding or developing lighting or visual software, bringing all the good things of my knowledge together... I have a dream! :) However, this century is said to be the century of light anyway. OK, I know that show lighting etc. was not the essence of this statement, but I am not far away from it...


Yes! Finally there really are news to tell :) Today I completed the course to become Master Electrician (Beleuchtungsmeister) successfully. Let's see which doors will open now...


Don't miss this years Elektronischer Heuriger in Schönberg am Kamp. The area is really beautiful and relaxing and the event is still growing. So this year it will take 3 days, from Friday, 14th till Sunday, 16th of July. There is a small camping area, good food, nice decoration and illumination and 24 hours of sound.


Hooray! I had my first exam in the course to become Master Electrician (Ausbildung zum Beleuchtungsmeister) and I did it with excellent success. Yikes! The next big exams will be in spring next year, but for this summer it is done... So I can't wait to make great holidays soon!


Visiting the Plasa Show 2005 at Earl's Court in London was quite impressive this year. Lots of companies try to join the market with RGB fixtures. I've seen some interesting ones (Xilver, Moodlight,...) but I can't hardly see plain LEDs anymore. They look kind of ugly and cheap, don't they? It is also hard to keep oversight about the development of DMX consoles as there are still many companies trying to take foot in the lighting industry and nearly all companies implement some kind of media server control to their consoles. Products that impressed me were the Jands Vista, which uses a new approach to program things (using timelines like video editing programs,...) and the Compulite Vector range. A quite meaningful fact is that many consoles were (re)designed to be able to use them also in Hog mode... Now, what does that tell us? Moving light producers are getting better and better. Clay Paky's Alpha Spot range and SGMs Giotto 400 CMY pleased me the most, but one could see that also cheaper producers like Martin, Future Light, etc. don't sleep and make their products more reliable and more powerful.
Best coffee goes to Clay Paky, no doubt.


R.I.P.!! is celebrating it's final party. 8 years of highest quality drumandbass parties...and most of the time, dj bailey said it nicely, really off the hook! So dress in black and come early on June, 25th to watch the funeral procession at about midnight moving into the Flex club.

The next chance to see my live visual set is on July, 16th at Kunst im Steinbruch at the Elektronischer Heuriger in the Steinbruch in Schönberg am Kamp, so the cumbersome titel of this event. The party is starting on Friday, 15th and combines aspects of a Heurigen (kind of wine bar with newest vintage) chillout with a party and an art exhibition.


Finally, the Visual Jammer had it's premiere respectively I did a live visual set with it on March, 26th at the Future Beatz meets! meets All Souled Out - Allstar Session in the Flex club! It was real fun to play with this visual instrument and I performed about 5 hours live. This was a real challenge, as playing this visual instrument is just as playing a musical instrument. It is not necessary to have your hands on it all the time non-stop, but most of the time. The response of the machine to live triggering is fascinating. In the setup I had a small Vestax mixer to control the audio input and it was impressive, how sensitive the Jammer can react on the music input too. The DJs had wide opened eyes, while they tried it out for themselves, they could hardly believe, what they saw! Never before I was able to visualize music so precisely and detailed.


Hm, well things are not too busy here in good old Austria. I will complete my civilian service soon, looking for new things to do...

I am pretty proud of the Visual Jammer that I built recently. The machine is ready to use, but still is a work in progress. Using an Apple computer I developed a special kind of media server which can be triggered by two MIDI controllers (each has 64 rotary knobs), the qwerty keyboard and live music input. It is intended to be a tool for live performances, which gives instant access to many features and it provides extensive ways to manage the live music input. Altogether it's a realtime rendering video machine that can be played like a musical instrument, allowing you to create a very artistic kind of image. The Visual Jammer has four layers of graphics. Two of them can play back basic shapes, live video inputs, movies, pictures or texts, one caleidoscope layer which itself consists of four mirrored or unmirrored layers that accept the same inputs as the normal layers and finally it has one feedback layer. Realtime rendering in PAL quality is possible, as long as you don't trigger multiple video playbacks or large scale pictures excessively. There is no considerable latency when playing the instrument and this also applies to all effects that are triggered by the live music input. These are the most important facts, when working on a live show IMHO. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email.